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Car Collection

Fast and Furious Car Hire

Mitsubishi Eclipse

  • Purchased - May 5th, 2014

The First of our Fast and Furious Car Collection. Read the story of us buying the car and all of the upgrades/ improvements we have made to the car.


Toyota Supra

  • Purchased - February 13th 2015

The Toyota Replica was our second car in the colelction. Read the full story of the colelction and modifications we have already made to the car!


Mazda RX-7

  • Purchase - May 2015

The first car that was not a Paul Walker car in the Fast and The Furious movie franchise that we have added to our collection. This had always been a favourite of mine so just had to have it when it came up for sale!


Turbo Mitsubishi Eclipse

  • Current Project Car
  • -
  • Purchased November 2014

There are very few Mitsubishi Eclipse in the UK (10 that we know about) so when the opportunity came up to buy the Turbo version i just had to have it. This is our current project car and will also be turned into a green replica from the first movie. But hopefully this will be the best replcia out there complete with the correct wheeels and NOS!!! This page will be updated as we progress with the car!


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