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Mitsubishi Eclipse Replica Project

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May 2015

Car Begins Its Jounrey

The car has now been moved inside the unit to start being stipped down to bare metal and carefully catalouged. WE will now also start the long process of working out what upgrades to make to the car now that we have a clean sheet to start with.



Decision Made!

After many many months of deciding the car has finally been confirmed it will be another Fast and Furious Replica. This will have a full bare metal rebuild. With lots of goodies from the original movie including NOS!!


March 2015

Car Sale Falls Through!

After a few weeks of promises the sale of our Black Mitsubishi has fallen through. Once again we are undecide what we will be doign with the car in the future. So at the moment it is just sat along side all of other weekend toys!



Car to be Sold

After months of debating we have decided to sell the car. We have had a numebr of offers and have now agreed to purchase an R34 and the sale of this car will help us fund the new car to add to the collection. It will be sad to see the Turbo Eclipse sold as it certain is a beast and i will certainly miss the boost!


Nov 2014

New Car Purchased

After spending months trying to find our first eclispe we have stumbled across and purchased a second eclipse, this time the turbo version. We are undediced what to do with this car at the moment as it was an impulse buy and would like to add a different variety of F & F cars to the collection before adding duplicates. But we shall see what happens.


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